Corporate Social Responsibility


At Servicola, we know how relevant it is for your business as well as for your customers that the products containing your Brand are manufactured to the highest quality standars, fair working conditions and always in accordance with appropiate ecological values. Therefore, at Servicola, we are committed to ensuring the good reputation of your Brand.



At Servicola we operate under a responsability and ethics framework defined and made explicit in our Code of Ethics and Conduct. Thus, we promote the fight against bribery and corruption, we manage in a responsible manner the data we work with, we promote respect for Human Rights and we develop integral relationships with our stakeholders, all aiming to promote, under a responsible framework, the sales of our customers brands around the world.

In order to ensure compliance with this Code, Servicola has an Ethics Committee, in charge of receiving comments and complaints related to the application of the Code as well as sending them, where appropriate, to the body or Department of the Company responsible for its processing and resolution. The company ensures the strictest anonymity and confidentiality of the communications made under this Code, whether they contain non-compliance complaints or queries regarding its interpretation or application, these communications will be sent in writing to the company via e-mail, or through the ethical mailbox.



We are firmly committed to everyone who is part of the Company, always complying with the rules and principles that create a good working environment.

In this way, we ensure our employees rights, attending to key principles such as health care, safety and well-being in the workplace, decent working conditions, professional development, as well as valuing diversity and fighting against discrimination. These commitments in Human Rights and Labor are defined in Servicola’s Human Rights and Labor Practices Policy.




At Servicola, we maintains responsible and trusting relationships with the suppliers we work with. The company's commitments regarding the selection of suppliers, especially in the factories selection, are based on ethical criteria, the protection of human and labor rights and respect for the environment. For this purpose, a control as well as a follow-up are carried out through a strict evaluation of external experts who audit and validate this compliance.

Thus, all the factories we collaborate with are audited by independent entities and meet the requirements of compliance with labor and social conditions. In addition, Servicola promotes among its suppliers compliance with ethical, social and environmental standards and criteria.

All commitments in relation to the supply chain are materialized in the company's Responsible Purchasing Policy.



We take care of all our products components, from raw materials to final packaging, in order to ensure that all materials are recycled or recyclable. Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact of each promotional action which is carried out.

All the products we sell are subject to a quality test carried out by independent laboratories, which guarantee the health and safety of consumers, as well as the commitment to the environment when the product is used. In addition, we promote decisions consistent with these principles, respecting and caring for the environment and offering sustainable product options.

In addition, at our headquarters in Madrid, we manage our consumption of water, energy and waste to promote its reduction, raising awareness among our employees about the importance of caring for the environment.

All the commitments related to the protection of our environment are specified in Servicola’s Environmental Policy.



Servicola provides employees and company collaborators with a specific communication channel, called Ethics Mailbox, whose management depends on the company's Ethics Committee and works as an anonymous channel to raise any comment, complaint or irregularity related to the application of Servicola’s Ethics and Conduct Code. The Ethics Committee fulfills the following functions:

  • Supervision of compliance and internal dissemenation of the Code among all Servicola employees.
  • Reception of comments and complaints related to the Code’s application and its referral, when appropiate, to the body or Department of the Company in charge of its processing and resolution.

The Ethics Committee may act on its own initiative or at the request of any Servicola employee, manufacturer, supplier or a third party with direct relationship that manifests a complaint regarding ethical behavior.

The company ensures the strictest anonymity and confidentiality of communications made under this Code, whether they contain non-compliance complaints or queries regarding its interpretation or application. In case the complainant prefers to identify himself when making the communication, optional sections have been enabled to enter personal data.

Any communication can be sent to the company by mail or by e-mail:

Postal mail:

Calle Metalistas, 7 Pol. Ind Sector VI

28891 – Velilla de San Antonio, Madrid

A la atención del Comité de Ética de Servicola