What we do

In Servicola we worry to provide the best service to our clients, with the best price and quality; making it one of the companies with greater variety of products with the most competitive prices. All of this is achieved after selecting the most adequate roots (manufacturers, providers, logistic operator) and through the compliance of the quality controls and code of conduct from every organization taking part in the process.


Our creative team has a great experience with the design and development of the most effective promotional products, in line with the latest trends, to help our clients attract more consumers, gaining Brand exposure to promote its sales.


The experience of the client with its own brand starts from the point of sale, where, the consumer makes the purchase decision. We have a large experience in the development and production of materials used in point of sale that definitely influence the decision making process the consumer is exposed to.


In Servicola we can offer you a large experience in the creation and management of the whole loyalty program to try and keep the Brand loyal consumers, the most valuable ones. To do it, we count with a number of different preference agreements with big brands in all the consumer sector to make this programs a powerful reality. Our agreements with the big logistic operators summed to an integrated and experienced promotion, makes us able to offer the most agile solutions to ensure the traceability of the operations.


In Servicola we know really well the power of influence the licences of certain characters and brands have for certain promotional campaigns. In this aspect, we can help you find and manage the partners of licences most appropriate to impulse your promotional campaigns.


When two complementary brands work hand to hand for the same promotion, not only reduces costs, it also creates a multiplier effect of the action that benefits both brands. This is Matchmaking.